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Hawaii Car Rentals Young Drivers Will Love
Being underage is often a problem for anything related to driving. From insurance to car rentals, it appears that young people are required to pay a lot more to enjoy the privilege of driving. This is because studies have shown that young drivers are more likely to exhibit and engage in risky driving behaviors. Any young person that would like to rent a car for a Hawaiian getaway, should be prepared to search for the most affordable car rental options. Tradewinds Car Rental offers discount Hawaiian car rentals for young driversbut with a reduced youthful driver surcharge.
Vacationing With Young Drivers
If you’re vacationing with teenagers, chances are they want to go off on their own. This means that you may hear the typical request to "borrow the car." In the case of a rental car, anyone that operates the rental car must be listed on the rental car policy for liability and insurance purposes. Thus, if you decide to allow your underage driver to operate your rental car while vacationing in Hawaii, it is important to know how this decision affects your rental car rates.
Young Drivers and High Rental Car Costs
In general, a Hawaii rental car company charges additional fees for the inclusion of a young driver on a rental car policy. These fees are charged per day, and there are usually age requirements associated with the inclusion on the rental car policy. In some cases, the driving history of the underage driver could be checked to determine rental car driver eligibility. In addition, with some Hawaii rental car companies, youthful drivers are restricted from renting or driving certain vehicle models and sizes.
Taking Advantage of Bonuses for Young Drivers
Tradewinds Car Rentals offers discounts for underage drivers. Drivers age 21-24 are eligible for inclusion on a rental car policy for as little as an additional $10a day. In comparison to other rental car companies in Hawaii, this is an excellent deal. Contact Tradewinds Car Rental for more information about rental car discounts for young drivers.