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Convenient Car Rentals in Lihue
Lihue car rentals don’t have to be a hassle. We understand that booking things on the Internet can sometimes be a little bit unnerving, and that’s why Tradewinds has made the process easier and more convenient than ever. By getting all the information you need in one place, as well as the best prices on the web, you can truly feel confident about your booking.
In-Town Locations
While car rentals in Lihue are available through the airport location, you can often save big bucks by choosing to pick your vehicle up at an in-town location. Because an airport tax is not imposed on these rentals, you can save nearly $50 per week on your rental. Simply take a taxi to the in-town location from the airport and you’ll be ready to get going in your rental.
Special Rates Available
Because Tradewinds does business with these major name brand car rental companies so much throughout the year, we can provide our customers with special rates they won’t find from the big name providers. When it comes to car rentals, Lihue travelers can save some serious cash by simply booking through our convenient, third-party website. Our promo code is built right in, so there’s no hassle when completing your reservation.
All Sizes Available
Because of our partnerships with brands like Enterprise, Avis and more – we can provide you with a whole fleet of diverse vehicles perfect for any size group. From large passenger vans to practical mid-size sedans – each and every Lihue car rental is safe and reliable.