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Can I book my reservation in person?
No. Tradewinds Car Rentals is solely an online based rental car booking agency. All transactions for the booking of the rental car must be completed online.
Is there a specific age requirement to book a rental car?
In order to book at rental car through Tradewinds Car Rentals, you must be at lease20years old for Hertz rental cars and 21 for all brands. Those under 20are not eligible to rent a car via our website as most of the major rental car agencies do not provide car rental services to those under the age of 20 or 21.
How do I contact Tradewinds Car Rentals if I have any questions or concerns? If you would like to contact us please do so via our contact [ contact.html]. We do not have a direct number, as email is the most efficient manner for us to handle inquiries and concerns.
What are the driver’s license requirements to rent a car through Tradewinds Car Rentals? Anyone interested in making a reservation for a rental car must have current, valid driver’s license from either the United States or your country of origin.
None of the national brand car rental companies will accept an International Driver’s licenses as your sole form of ID. You should get one just the same and itmust be accompanied with a valid credit card and a license from your country of origin in order to rent a car, especially if your driver's license is not in English.
Do you provide insurance coverage for rental cars? No. Insurance coverage is provided by the rental car brand from which you'll be picking up the car.
There is a separate fee from the cost of the rental car. You may also use your own insurance coverage. However, you must check with your personal insurance carrier to see if they handle all situations that may arise in the case of rental cars. You may simply waive the insurance when you pick up the rental coverage. It is highly recommended that you carry you insurance policy on you when driving the rental car.
Are there any fees associated with making a reservation or cancellations?
There are no fees associated with making a reservation or cancelling an existing reservation.