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Tradewinds Car Rental is committed to providing cheap car rentals Hawaii via corporate discounts obtained through partnerships with the leading rental car agencies. We understand that our customers count on us to help them obtain the lowest rates possible for their rental cars while traveling or vacationing in Hawaii. We always aim to uphold the professional standards that make us a reputable company.
Our Code of Ethics
  1. Tradewinds Car Rental provides its services to all equally without any discrimination. All customers are offered the same services and discounts.
  2. We represent ourselves honestly. Any services offered are done without any misrepresentation.
  3. Prompt contact with our customers is of utmost importance to us. We make every effort to respond to customers as efficiently as possible.
  4. We are always looking out for the best interests of our customers.
  5. All information provided by our customers is used for the sole purpose of assisting with the acquisition of the most affordable rental cars available. We don’t sell or lease customer information at any time. Customer confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed.
  6. Tradewinds Car Rental seeks transparency in all correspondence with our customers.
  7. Tradewinds Car Rentals seeks to provide all customers with the rental car services they request. If at any point we are unable to offer discount Hawaii car rentals, we will gladly refer customers to a reputable party that can assist them to the fullest.
Our willingness to commit to high standards of professionalism enables Tradewinds Car Rental to continue to offer exceptional rental car services to the general public.