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You Don’t Have to Travel Alone with Second Driver Discounts
In an effort to cut costs for rental cars, many people are choosing not to add a second driver. Although some people would like to have an additional driver under their rental car policy, it is an expense that most people don't want. Even those individuals that are vacationing in Hawaii, may opt out of a second driver on their rental car policy. However, there are ways to list an extra driver on a rental car policy without incurring additional fees. Tradewinds Car Rental can help you obtain the cheapest rates or even additional drivers for free on a rental car policy.
Benefits of an Extra Driver While Vacationing
No matter where you go, having a second driver while traveling is always a benefit. While vacationing in Hawaii, you may get tired of driving during the duration of your trip. It is advantageous to have an additional driver listed on the rental car policy so they can handle some of the traveling. An extra driver is also an advantage in cases where they may want to go off on their own or take a short trip to the store.
Car Rentals with Add-Ons
Anyone that has ever rented a car knows how costly add-ons can be. Many car rental agencies charge additional fees for multiple drivers. In cases where there is an additional driver, there are per day surchargesthat are added to the cost of the car rental in Hawaii. With Tradewinds Car Rentals, you don’t have to limit yourself to one driver to keep costs down. Second driver discounts at Tradewinds Car Rental are freewith some of the brands we represent. And young driver per day surchargesare lower than ever.
Getting Your Discounted Second Driver Car Rental
In order to obtain free second driver coverage for a rental car with Tradewinds Car Rentals certain qualifications must be met. All drivers must be licensed to operate a motor vehicle. For free driving privileges for a spouse or domestic partner under a rental car policy, proof of same street address to the main driver may be requested for verification. Some companies allow one or two additional drivers no matter what their relationship is to the renting driver. Getting your Hawaii discount car rental for a second driver is as easy as contacting Tradewinds Car Rental.